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4 Simple Ways Water Can Help Your Period

Did you know that there is a list of things women should be doing during their period/moon cycle to ensure they have a smooth and relaxing experience?

One of the most important ones would be staying hydrated. On average, our blood contains 92% water. This means that during our period we are losing more blood and water than we normally would, causing dehydration, stagnation, and more!

Staying hydrated and drinking water during your cycle:

•Helps replenish not only our body but also our blood.

•Helps our cycle move and flow quicker. Lack of water can thicken the blood and cause stagnation.

•Fights bloating

•Flushes out toxins

One of my favorite brands of water to drink is "Mountain Valley Spring Water" Trust me, it's one of the best-tasting waters ever!

💦Drink your water today💦


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