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4 Ways To Add Self-Care Into Your Life

With the mixed vibrations and energies floating around in the world #selfcare is so necessary right now. We must keep our energy high because with low energy comes low immunity!

What are some ways we can add Self-Care into our lives:

🔌 Unplug:

It’s time to tap out from television (the news), social media, etc. The media has a way of juggling and messing with our emotions. We are constantly surrounded by vax talk...opinions of others...false narratives...negativity...and more! So let’s turn it all off!

🎶 Turn on some music:

Music feeds the soul! Turn on your favorite song and get up and move...shake something. Sing from the top of your lungs!

🛀 Take an herbal bath:

Baths are relaxing in themselves...but when you add herbs baby! 😩🙌🏾. An herbal bath with lavender, chamomile, and rose (the highest vibrational flower) is guaranteed to relax your mind and body.

💤 Get some rest:

Sleep. Sleep. Sleeeeep! Rest that body and catch some Zs. To make sure I get good sleep I take my "Wind It Down" Sleepy Time Tea every night.

🌱Get grounded:

Go outside! Catch some vitamin D and ground your feet in the grass. Being amongst nature really can be refreshing. One hour a day to be outdoors can truly help.

What do you like to do when it comes to Self Care?


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