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Nice to meet you,

I'm Aleecia

I am a lover of all things herbal and aesthetics.

Brown Sugar Co. was created to educate Black Women + Women of Color about their wombs and how to care for their bodies. In a society where we do not have many individuals to advocate for us or educate us on our health, I have taken on the role to do so.


I am your RESOURCE. I am your EDUCATOR. I am your HERBAL TEACHER. I am here to show you how to live your highest quality of life from the inside out...because baby you deserve it! 

Hey, I'm Aleecia V



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a bit more about

My story

I was raised in a Caribbean household, Guyanese to be exact, where herbal healing was the norm. Bitters every Sunday to cleanse our blood, Senna to flush us out, cod liver oil to build our immune system. As I got older I strayed away from my upbringing... that was until I had my son.


From the moment I had him, I became more connected with my womb and my body. I then began creating Holistic products to elevate our health. Soon my first product Elderberry Syrup was made.


As I grew my knowledge in alternative medicine I started to learn about the health risks Black Women and Women of Color suffer from on a daily basis. We are at a higher risk of suffering from cysts/fibroids. Our Maternal Mortality Rate is higher than any other race. Learning this I decided to become a Certified Vaginal Steaming Facilitator.


My goal is to be an advocate for my people...for women. We deserve to live a healthy life where we are proactive about caring for ourselves. Whether we are consuming Brown Sugar Co.s herbal teas, steaming with our Vaginal Steaming Herbs, or simply moisturizing your beautiful skin with

Brown Sugar Body, you deserve to live the highest quality of life. 

Get to know me

My go-to coffee order:

Grande almond milk caramel latte

I can't work without:

Music playing in the background!

My friends would describe me as:

Hilarious, loud, caring, and honest.

My favorite Brown

Sugar Co. product:

Raspberry Leaf Tea

My Zodiac Sign:

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Let's work together

the perfect match

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