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Battling Bacterial Vaginosis

Cue the horror music! BACTERIA VAGINOSIS! 😱.

One of the most common complaints I have heard from my Vaginal Steaming clients or women that I have spoken to in passing. So many women have suffered from the uncomfortable feeling of Bacterial Vaginosis. The smell...the discharge... just the whole experience can honestly be embarrassing.

But to combat this infection we must know WHAT it is first. Right?

How do you know if you have Bacterial Vaginosis?

😷Strong Fishy Odor- this smell is very distinct and off-balance with your “normal” smell. You may also notice that the smell may get stronger during sexual intercourse as well.

🔥Itching, burning, or irritation- you may feel an uncomfortable itch or irritation in your vaginal canal.

💦Excessive thin white or gray discharge- discharge is normal but when it becomes thin and watery, and also excessive, this is a major sign.

🚽Burning during urination- This is RARE. but can be one of the more severe symptoms.

🩸Vaginal Bleeding during Sexual Intercourse- this is another RARE symptom but if you are not on your period during this time bleeding during intercourse is something to be wary of.


How can we eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis?

-Remove scented soaps out of routine.

-Water! Drink more water and less juice.

-Book a Vaginal Steam to eliminate excess moisture.

-Limit the number of sexual partners you have.

-Monitor the sweets in your diet.

Those are just a few things that could help you live a Bacterial Vaginosis free life! Lol


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