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How to Make Your Period/Moon Cycle Smooth Sailing

So we already know that we need to stay hydrated during our menstrual/moon cycle...but what else should we be doing?

Let’s talk about Menstrual Plans. Did you know that women should have a monthly plan?

During our period, we must do certain things to have a #HEALTHY womb cleanse. Many feel like “As long as Mother Nature shows up I’m good!” False! Today I’ll help you create a plan: 💤 Rest:

Your body is producing extra blood, which requires your body to do more work. Rest is essential! It allows the womb to recharge itself and naturally do what it needs to do.


Staying warm is very important. Many women suffer from stagnation. Thick or slow-moving blood during their cycle. Stagnation can cause an incomplete womb to cleanse, excessive cramping, and potentially infertility! Staying warm helps blood flow. Think of candle wax over a flame, it needs heat to do what it’s meant to do. During your cycle drink teas like Brown Sugar Co.s Raspberry Leaf Tea, use heating pads, have a warm blanket near, etc. Helps your blood flow.


Our body is not only producing more blood but also losing more blood. Meaning we are losing more nutrients in the body. We have to replace those vitamins and minerals. This is NOT the time to fast. Do not go a long time without nourishing the body.


Hydration is the key to life. We need additional fluids at this time. Drinking water throughout your cycle will also help with blood flow.

🚫No Plugs:

This one is hard ladies! Try not to use tampons if you can. Remember we are going through a womb CLEANSE. Everything must clear out and go. Using tampons(plugs) will promote stagnation, causing old blood to stick to the uterine wall. This will then cause cramping, or depending on how much stagnation there is after the years, infertility.

♨️Vaginal Steaming:

Steaming 3 days before your period starts and 3 days after not only prepares your body to cleanse itself but also sheds any remnants that were not fully removed during your menstrual. There are many benefits of vaginal steaming! Book a consultation to learn how you can add Vaginal Steaming to your life.

So let’s do a mock plan:

-Grocery shop for nourishing food and water

-Limit activities and outings.


-Heating Pad


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