Brown Sugar Co.'s Cleansing/Restorative Herbal Blend is created for the ultimate "restart". This herbal blend is related to cleanse the womb for those who have missing periods, painful cramps, dark blood, and more. 


You are a good candidate for a "Cleansing/Restorative Herbal Blend" if you:

  • Menstrual Cycle 28 days or longer
  • Period is missing
  • Taking birth control pills.
  • Painful cramps
  • Dark period blood.
  • Recovering from post partum, miscarriage, or abortion.

Cleansing/Restorative Herbal Blend (4pk)

  • Please read descriptions thoroughly to make sure you are a great cadidate for this herbal blend.

    Do NOT steam if:

    • You have fresh menstrual cycle
    • Spotting bright red blood or spontaneous bleeding.
    • You are pregnant.