Brown Sugar Co.'s Organic Herbal Facial Steam is a custom herbal blend made to soothes, disinfects & hydrates the skin all while opening up the pores to prep for deeper cleansing + facial treatment.



- Relaxing

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Cleansing

- Boosts Circulation

- Great for blackheads, blemishes & acne prone skin.

- Brings a beautiful glow.

- Calms the mind


4 oz jar |  4-6 uses

Organic Herbal Facial

  • Add one scoop of Brown Sugar Co.'s Organic Herbal Facial to a bowl of boiling water. Allow the water to slightly cool down. Take a towel and place it over your head, hovering your face above the bowl. Enjoy this facial steam 10-15min. Once done continue your normal skin routine.

    **Please note you can also add the boiled herbal water to a facial steamer. Use distilled water**